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The Ideal Home Office


Office furniture is essential when planning the office layout. The key to creating an efficient home office is to make it your own. Steve Jobs sat on the floor of an unfurnished apartment with just a stereo and some teabags. Albert Einstein worked on a desk so cluttered yet he came up with brilliant ideas. Studies have proven that a proper workspace layout enhances creativity as well as productivity. Below are some helpful tips to create a beautiful and efficient office at home.

Make It Your own

Once planning and layout of office furniture are done, personalization is the next step. Plants, playful accessories, and wallpapers can be added. The idea here is to make the office space look lived-in. Personalizing the home office makes work look much less of a chore thereby increasing productivity. In the year 2000, a study posted in the Journal of Environmental Psychology indicated that people who personalize their working spaces are able to:

  • 1. Work harder
  • 2.Enjoy work more
  • 3. Have a sense of improved well-being


Where possible go cordless. Using wireless functions makes the working space look neat and organized. If wires can not be avoided, they should be neatly coiled and tied up using zip ties. To further improve the desk layout, wires should be hidden and kept away from the working area. Only items used on a daily basis should be left on the desk. Unused items should be organized neatly in a labeled drawer. Doing this saves on desk space. Stationery can be organized using old glass jars. Pens, Pencils, markers, and rubbers can be placed in separate jars. The left-to-right method of desk workflow can be adopted. The inbox is placed on the right and outbox on the left. As documents are processed, they are moved from the right in-box to the left out-box. This keeps the middle of the desk clear of papers and files.

Spend More On The Chair Than The Desk

Apart from buying of stylish office furniture to enhance the beauty of a home office, it should also be a health investment. The chair should offer good height and lumbar support. Getting the right chair will greatly determine overall productivity. The eye-line should be at least 3 inches below the top of the monitor. The keyboard is placed in the middle of the desk. The height of the desk should allow the elbows to bend roughly at 90 degrees for easy typing.


White fluorescent light should be kept away from the working area. Opt for natural light as proper lighting alleviates stress and lowers anxiety. The desk should be placed near a large window to allow natural light in.


Setting up of a home office depends on personal preference. Individuals should assess themselves and know what works for them. At the end of the day what really matters is productivity.

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